Video surveillance systems

Video surveillance systems from Funke Security & Service are used for electronic visual surveillance.

The main area of use for Funke video surveillance systems is surveillance of public or private spaces and traffic monitoring.

Funke video surveillance systems consist of at least one surveillance camera and a display monitor. The systems optionally enable the pictures to be recorded (e.g. onto videotape). Video transmission is analogue, either wired or wireless.

Some of our video surveillance systems use digital cameras (IP cameras) that are connected to a computer via a TCP/IP network. Additional functions, such as motion detection, face recognition and the saving of images, can be used via the Funke video surveillance software.

Numerous private individuals, companies and state organisations protect their land and buildings from infringements, such as break-ins, theft, vandalism or sabotage, by using video surveillance systems from Funke.

Let us provide you with comprehensive information on the following areas:

  • Visual surveillance systems
  • At risk areas
  • Car park surveillance
  • Culprit identification
  • Anti-burglary protection
  • Camera module
  • Recording
  • Pattern recognition
  • Identification
  • Hard-drive recorders