Merchandise security systems

Funke merchandise security systems are devices in shops to safeguard merchandise and/or to prevent theft.

When these are used, our clients' merchandise is fitted with special security labels that either stay on the product and, if deactivation at the till is avoided, can be detected by detectors (e.g. at the exit) or are fixed to the product in such a way that special releasing devices are needed to remove them. In the first case the 'silent' or 'audible' alarm that gets triggered is designed to expose the thief while he or she is still in the shop. In the second case the label is designed to put thieves of, as they are bound to realise they may damage the goods in any improvised attempt to remove it.

Retail industry losses from theft in Germany is said to be three to five billion euros a year. Through the installation of merchandise security systems it has been possible over recent years to reduce stock variances by in some case between 30 and 70 percent.

Funke is playing its part in this with expertise and reliability, from advice and installation all the way to handover and training.

Please feel free to ask us questions about any of following themes / components:

  • Merchandise security labels
  • Detection
  • Inventory variances
  • Alarms
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