Mechanical security equipment

Mechanical security equipment from Funke Security & Service is used primarily to prevent risks to life and property.

Complete, well-planned and above all properly and professionally fitted mechanical security equipment increases the time that a criminal needs, for instance, to get through doors or windows. The result in most cases is that intruders abort their attempt to break in.

Important components of Funke’s range of mechanical security equipment include:

  • Security locks / cylinders
  • Electric door locks
  • Bolts / extra locks with steel bolts
  • Security door chains
  • Security strike plates (cannot be unscrewed from outside)
  • Strike plates with tie bolt
  • Spy holes
  • Hinge / hinge-side protection
  • Cellar grill / shaft guards
  • Grills in front of glass panes
  • Mechanical door closers
  • Electric door openers