Hazard alarm systems

A Funke hazard alarm system (conforming to DIN VDE 0833) is a system that reliably detects and alerts you to dangers posed to property or life through break-ins, hold-ups or fire.

'Hazard alarm system' is a generic term for fire alarms, hold-up alarms and burglar alarms.

As well as traditional wired hazard alarm systems, at Funke Security & Service we also have available to you wireless, radio-based alarm systems. Wireless alarm systems can be installed quickly, easily and thus inexpensively. Later changes or additions pose no problem, as no long-winded laying of cables is required. The wireless communications channels used are in the 433MHz band and can be classified secure, as confirmed by the German Association of Property Insurers (VdS).

In project managing all hazard alarm systems our experts observe a range of specific guidelines and regulations, e.g. VDE 0100, 0800, 0833,VdS (the umbrella association for all German property insurers), police guidelines, accident prevention regulations and German data protection regulations.

Let us give you professional advice on the following topics / areas of expertise:

  • Fire alarm systems
  • Hold-up alarm systems
  • Information systems
  • Transmission equipment
  • Monitoring control rooms
  • Sensors
  • Central alarm receivers
  • Control systems