Access control systems

Funke access control systems control access via a ‘Who-When-Where’ set of rules defined by the client.

So that only authorised people gain access to the areas within buildings or to the protected areas on a site for which they have been approved. The access rights can be limited on a time basis (by expiry deadline or time of day). Using proof of identity, access rights can checked by humans, e.g. members of our staff, or also by technical Funke access control systems.

The media presented for access control can be active, passive or even biometric means of identification.

We would be happy to help you with any of the following matters / elements:

  • Locks / locking systems
  • RFID / ID chips
  • Magnetic strip / chip cards
  • (Contactless) IDs / ID readers
  • Infrared passes
  • Inductive passes
  • Transponders / transmitters / responders
  • Controllers
  • Door openers