Gas and fire items

Gas and fire watchers

Fire cause major damage to property throughout Germany every year. For that reason it is important to have a partner in these security matters, who provides specialist support in planning, preparing and implementing fire protection solutions.

We support various companies as regards fire protection, such as customers from the civil engineering or from the logistics sectors. We analyse the fire risk and then recommend a corresponding solution. Our services in this sector include, among other things, fire protection concepts and the provision of gas and fire watchers. These gas and fire watchers monitor possible potential fires and intervene when a fire occurs. After the actual extinguishing of the fire, the fire watcher takes care of a further reigniting and take corresponding precautions. In particular when fire alarm centres come in need of repairs, have not yet been applied or are deactivated due to refurbishment work, the use of fire watchers is a solution to guarantee the fire protection levels.