Data protection

Data protection statement of FUNKE Security & Service GmbH

Here, we will explain how we strive to protect your privacy and personal information. These as well as other web pages are regulated under the applicable data protection laws and provisions.

Information about data protection according to Articles 12 et seqq. and 21 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The following data protection information covers the data privacy-related aspects of FUNKE Security & Service GmbH.

Additionally, this data protection statement also applies to services, and in particular, our pool of applicants. We shall process your personal data by way of the same procedure, which is why a similar data protection statement is implemented.

You can find more information about how exactly we use your data under the respective points.

You are entitled to the following rights concerning your personal data.

  • Right to delete your data
  • Right to correct your data
  • Right to information about your data
  • Right to prohibit or restrict processing of the data

Right to correct, access, delete, transfer and revoke according to Articles 7 III, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21 and 77 of the GDPR, § 34 et seqq. of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG)

You are entitled to view your personal data free of charge upon request. Your personal data will be shared with us only with your consent. The information provided must be true, up to date and complete. You can let us know about changes in your data at any time.

In addition, you can always deactivate or delete your personal data stored in the application portal, prohibit it from being used in the future and even have incorrect information rectified.

Here, we would like to refer to Article 15 of the GDPR, § 34 et seqq. of the BDSG, and Articles 7 III and 16 of the GDPR.
You may contact the relevant data protection supervisory authority for information on other rights and claims that you are entitled to with us.

Your personal data shall be processed in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), and the German Teleservices Act.
Which information/data exactly will be used and in what scope mainly depends on the respective purpose.

Information on the collection of personal data

We would also like to show you how your personal data is collected when you use our web pages. Personal data is information about your person.

This, in particular, refers to your name, address, the e-mail address shared by you, your marital status, expected salary, school certificates and job references as well as other personal information.

According to Article 4, section VII of the GDPR, FUNKE Security & Service GmbH, with its main office at Rheinische Strasse 27, 44137 Dortmund, (for further information, see legal notice) is responsible.

If you contact us via e-mail or our contact form, we shall store the data shared by you in order to respond to your enquiry.

Any personal information that you share with us is of your own free will and allows us to process your enquiry faster. We shall delete all the information shared here once we no longer deem it necessary to store it. However, the information shall be deleted after 6 months at the latest.

The personal data from your application shall be populated and stored in the application portal if you provide us with these documents by e-mail or post.

All personal information collected there will be used solely for recruitment purposes.

The HR manager shall go through the documents and speak with the management about inviting the applicant for an interview. Sharing the information to unauthorised third parties is strictly prohibited.

By applying, you consent to have your personal data passed on inside our company in order to be considered for the selection process.

Joining the list of applicants is entirely voluntary and is done by the applicant themselves. If you decide to apply at our company, you must keep in mind that the HR staff will use your personal data to carry out the assessment and make decisions.

We carry out various technical and administrative processes to ensure that your personal data stays in our company.

Please do not ask us to delete or destroy your data because it will be permanently destroyed six months after it is received and processed anyway and will thus not be available to us any longer.

The fundamental duties of our application portal users

Anybody who decides to share their personal data while applying (irrespective of whether they are applying for an internship or a full-time position) expressly declares their consent and that the data shared by them is true and not misleading. Your personal data shall only be used if you consent to this. You may withdraw your consent at any time.

All users here also agree to be contacted via e-mail, telephone or letter.

The applicant alone is responsible for any file transferred by them (Word, PDF, Jpeg, etc.). By submitting the documents, the applicant declares that all the contents are true.

False documents (e.g. forgeries) shall be requested by the relevant authorities by way of criminal prosecution. Anybody found in violation of applicable law shall be reported to the investigating authority. By using our application portal, you declare your consent to this.

The collection and storing of personal data pertains to other groups too.

Thus, the information shared by our clients regarding contract data, addresses, cost centre, and billing information, as well as all the departments charged with executing the contract properly are coordinated among one another and the data required is exchanged accordingly.

This particularly includes the exact objects of use, operating time, the employees deployed and the work performed by you, as well as any particular incidents and usual operations such as using the guard tour system.

Comprehensive documentation belonging to the accounting department (security logs and logs of hours worked) shall also be examined by the different departments of our company as well as of our clients. Otherwise, regular and cooperative work may not be possible. These processes are subject to absolute secrecy at all times, and shall be checked only by authorised persons.

This especially pertains to tax identification numbers, payslips, social insurance data, emergency contacts, employee assessments, correspondence, brokerage agreements, tenants, cooperation partners and subsidiary service providers as well as subcontractors (§ 11 of the BDSG and Article 28 of the GDPR) and suppliers.

All public authorities such as the public order and tax offices of the pension insurance institutions or even social insurance institutions as well as the relevant health insurance companies shall be informed about the personal data.

These business processes are carried out in cooperation with our departments: HR management, finance, sales, accounting and the tax office. In the event of disputes, the courts, attorneys and experts are involved too.

Even civil registers, credit agencies, registers of associations and companies can be called in to carry out services in order get an idea about the potential client.

You can certainly visit our website without letting us know who you are. We will not be made aware of your identity. As a visitor, you will remain anonymous.

Nevertheless, we would like to point out to you that sharing data on the World Wide Web (via e-mail) can expose you to security threats. It is not possible for us to protect the data sent by you at all times.

We collect the following data in order for you to use our web pages

  • Your IP address
  • The browsers used by you
  • The date and time as well as time zone
  • The size/frequency of transmitted data
  • Language, software and your operating system

Furthermore, we use cookies. This refers to files opened and stored on your browser. We use these to improve our website’s service for every user and make it more user-friendly.

Additionally, we offer various services that you can avail of if needed. All the data shared by you about your person or company in this context shall be used by us solely for carrying out the relevant service for which you hire or wish to hire us.

External links

On our website, you will also find links that direct you to third-party websites. If they are not visible, we will include a note informing you that there is an external link there. FUNKE Security & Service GmbH does not have access to the content and design of other websites.

Facebook presence/page

If you visit our Facebook page, a direct connection will be established between your browser and the Facebook server.

As a result, Facebook will have your IP address and know that you have visited our site. If you click the “like” button, Facebook can send this information to your Facebook profile and save it there. We will get this information directly on Facebook.

Data protection statement for Google +1

If you use Google +1, you will receive personalised content from Google and us or our cooperation partners. If you have viewed content on Google +1, this information will be saved here.

Google +1 also saves information about the respective website that you have viewed. As a result, various references to your profile and the related data can be linked within the Google services.

It is therefore possible that when you browse the Internet or enter other search queries, you will see websites and online advertisements related to us or our partners.

Google officially records the information about its users in order to improve its service. We do not request Google to record any of your Google +1 activities.

We have no influence over whether or how far your identity is made known to us when you use your Google profile.

Google as a search engine

Your browser usually opens a direct connection with the Google server based on the advertising tools used.

Here, we do not have any influence over the extent to which your data, which can be collected when you use these or Google’s tools, is further used. Even if you are not registered when surfing, the host can obtain more information using your IP address.

Legal disclaimer:

Our online presence is subject to the constant revisions and adjustments to the statutory provisions and the EU regulations. We therefore expressly reserve the right to change our web pages and implement these changes at our discretion.

If individual contents are not in accordance with the law, the parts of this data protection statement that conform to the law shall not be affected by this and shall continue to be valid. No data will be transferred or saved outside Germany.