Premises security

Contemporary premises protection places special demands on the guard personnel.

Adapting perfectly to the circumstances of the situation has top priority. Private premises call for different security measures than protecting the buildings of expansive commercial complexes.

Thanks to our many years of experience, our flexible assignment planning and our technical know-how, we are able to adapt promptly to every new premises situation and thus to guarantee you optimum protection and the greatest possible security.

Giving comprehensive advice and working out a suitable security concept matching your needs and specifications belong just as much to what we offer as providing professional guard and security services

We can assist you with the following forms of premises protection:

  • Factory security
  • Guard house services
  • Gate controls
  • Reception services
  • Sentry services
  • House sitting
  • Surveillance services
  • Patrol services
  • Fire security
  • Hall surveillance
  • Site surveillance
  • Construction site security
  • Corporate security