PQ VOL security

PQ VOL security service

Prequalification is the upstream and order-independent verification and certification of suitability proof in accordance with the awarding and order regulations for services, here for security services (PQ VOL security service).

This records companies across Germany from the services sector that fulfil the suitability requirements of Section 6 VOL/A or Section 6 EG VOL/A.

With the prequalification, we save the presentation of the individual proof, as public customers recognise the prequalification instead of the individual proof. We are thereby given more legal certainty and clarity and the possibility of formal errors is minimised.

The generally accessible list covering all of Germany states all prequalified companies from the supply and services sectors.

All prequalification offices work on the basis of standard directives.

We then submit annually the intended documents and proof with the prequalification office in charge. As soon as the verification has been completed positively, we receive a certificate with a certificate number.